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Helping Hands

It is well known that as a company we always endeavour to do our bit for charity over the course of the year. We are great believers in giving back.

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.’” – Arthur Ashe.

2015 was no exception and a record breaking year. In total we raised an amazing £9,400 for our two charities of choice for the year.

St Clare Hospice

St Clare Hospice was our first charity. They care for hundreds of people across West Sussex and the East Hertfordshire border.

They provide free, compassionate care and support to adults with life-limiting illnesses, their families and carers.

Nelson's Journey

Our second charity was Nelsons Journey. They give children and young people experiencing bereavement a future. A future to be proud of. A future generation of creative, confident adults ready to face the challenges of their world without letting the torment of their loss affect their ability.

Insight Charity Events

Here are just a few of the events that took place.

Charity Pub Quiz, Swearbox, Picnic, Book Sales, Annual Golf Day, Christmas Jumper Day, Sweet Chilli Jam and Pumpkin sales, Festive Fun Run, Christmas candles sales, Spring Raffle and Sky Dive.

We also participate in other activities throughout the year –

As well as raising money for our chosen charities of choice our staff also chose to support their own individual charities. Other events throughout the year included, Comic Relief Day, London Marathon, Children of Chernobyl visit, Spartan Beast Challenge, Sober throughout October and Children in Need bake sales.

As a company we are extremely proud of all of our staff and advisers for their kindness and generosity.

Insight Charity for 2016

This year we have decided to commit to three charities. Firstly we are continuing our connection with Nelsons Journey. This charity holds a very special place in our hearts as it gives children in the Norfolk area, faced with difficulties, a future. Secondly we have chosen to support Little Havens Hospice. This charity provides support and care to families faced with the difficulties of looking after a child with a life limiting illness. Haven Hospice belives that no family should be expected to face this situation alone.

Finally we started our year by showing our support to the YMCA in Norwich - Helping the homeless...

On Friday 12th February the following employees spent a night (a very cold one!) on the streets of Norwich. Please see a list below of the brave Insight employees who took part in this event, in an attempt to raise money and awareness of the YMCA.

Austin Spence, Mike Phillips, Laurie Moore, Natasha Howard, Rebecca Green, Stewart McLean, Amelia Leggett, Lauren Welsh, Thomas Enstone, James Lewin, Olivia Howard, Sharon Hollinger, Charlotte Cotton, Joanna Santry, Nicky Kita, Nicky Groom, Karen Bronze, David Welsh & Catherine Smith.

The YMCA provide invaluable services to young people who’s circumstances can often mean they are left homeless, they provide accommodation, guidance and support to help these young people become independent young adults.

Our team did an amazing job and all built their shelters (with a bit of help from David Welsh) successfully enabling them all to stay on the cold cold streets until Saturday morning. They all gave up their normal luxuries, of a warm bed and shelter to support this cause which I am sure you will all agree is a huge sacrifice to make. We are pleased to announce that they smashed their target of £750 and to date the total stands at over £2,000.

If you would like to help us this year to raise our target figure of over £9,000 then please contact Sharon Inglis on 01603 268080 or email sharon.inglis@insightifa.com. We would be extremely grateful for any help you can give. Thank you.

Watch this space for updates and sponsorship details.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank