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We specialise in advising doctors and NHS staff on their retirement plans. Insight4nhs are committed to ensure all NHS staff have the retirement they work so hard to achieve. It is our job to keep all members fully informed of the details of their schemes, including the NHS Final Salary Schemes and ensure that they are aware of any changes made.

Insight4NHS consists of eight top industry speakers able to give a confident and detailed presentation to large groups of scheme members, allowing suitable time for Q&A sessions, and also providing the opportunity for any members to arrange an individual, complimentary one to one meeting to discuss their personal situation in more detail.

The Presentation covers:

  • How to calculate your pension
  • Future over-funding in relation to lifetime allowance
  • Buying Additional pensions
  • Early Retirement and its implications
  • Additional Ways of boosting your pension
  • Other Scheme benefits
  • Building life-long relationships with our clients and their families

There are major pension decisions many NHS staff have to make, one of the most pressing concerns is that of overfunding of the Annual Allowance and issues regarding the Lifetime Allowance. If these points are not dealt with correctly this could have massive consequences regarding their future final freedom. We provide advice and cash flow analysis to assess the most effective strategy moving forward.

In addition to the team, we work alongside industry leading NHS pension specialist Paul Gordon, who speaks nationally to hospitals and conferences on the changes to the NHS pension scheme and Lifetime and Annual Allowances.

To book an appointment or discuss booking a presentation with your Insight4nhs adviser, send an email to: clientrelations@insightifa.com