Insight 4 Teachers

We specialise in advising schools and teachers across the UK on their retirement plans. Insight4teachers are committed to ensure our teachers have the retirement they work so hard to achieve. Our service is two-fold, we deliver presentations to the teaching staff in schools, and we also advise teachers in one-to-one, no obligation consultations.

We appreciate that teachers are incredibly busy; and with all of your day-to-day pressures, you may not have time or the space to bring yourself up to date on the government’s changes to the Teachers' Pension Scheme.

To address this, one of our dedicated Teacher Specialists will deliver a presentation to the teaching staff in your school. This presentation covers:

  • how teachers can calculate their pensions
  • buying additional pensions
  • early retirement and its implications
  • additional ways of boosting your pension
  • other scheme benefits

This presentation lasts for an hour and includes time for questions and answers. There is also the opportunity to book one-to-one appointments with our Teacher Specialists to address any specific questions and/or concerns.

When you started your career in teaching, it might have seemed that retirement was a long way off. Insight4teachers believe teachers should start planning for their retirement as early as possible and review their plans every few years. This proactive approach ensures that whatever your current circumstances and financial aims and objectives, your retirement plans can be adjusted accordingly.

However, even if you’ve left retirement planning until later in your teaching career, you still have the opportunity to potentially rectify any shortfalls identified at your retirement date or plan for early retirement, if this is your goal.

Talk to an Insight4teachers Teacher Specialist to ensure your retirement plans make the most of the recent changes to defined contribution schemes and Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs).

To book an appointment with your Insight4teachers adviser, e-mail: