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We specialise in advising lecturers and non-academic staff on their retirement plans. Insight4universities are committed to ensure university staff have the retirement they work so hard to achieve.

It is our job to keep all members fully informed of the details of their schemes and ensure that they are aware of any changes made. Not only do we offer individual one to one advice but we also visit places of work to give a complimentary presentation to groups of members regarding the fundamental rules of their pension scheme.

The Presentation covers:

  • How to calculate your pension
  • Future over-funding in relation to lifetime allowance
  • Buying Additional pensions
  • Early Retirement and its implications
  • Additional Ways of boosting your pension
  • Other Scheme benefits
  • Building life-long relationships with our clients and their families

Our experts can provide advice on the different types of schemes within the education industry including SAUL or USS plans. There are major pension decisions many University staff have to make, one of the most pressing concerns is that of overfunding of the Annual Allowance and issues regarding the Lifetime Allowance. If these points are not dealt with correctly this could have massive consequences regarding their future final freedom. We provide advice and cash flow analysis to assess the most effective strategy moving forward.

To book an appointment or discuss booking a presentation with your Insight4universities adviser, send an email to: clientrelations@insightifa.com

"Both presentations, about each of our schemes, were engaging, comprehensive and made complex information clear and so much easier to understand. The presenter was able to answer all queries raised during the presentations and there was plenty of time afterwards fo attendees to ask individual questions. We subsequently arranged a couple of clinic days for individual appointments but have had to set up further days due to popular demand. The administrative support from Insight FInancial Associates in setting up all the sessions has made it so easy to facilitate with minimal impact on the University." - Jane Kessler, University of Suffolk