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Armchair Travelling

The art of armchair travelling

The Covid-19 outbreak has meant that it’s unlikely any of us will be travelling any time soon. However, virtual escapism remains on the cards for anyone with an internet connection. You can now see some of the world’s most amazing travel experiences from the comfort of your chair. Best of all, you don’t even have …

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Business Future Proofing

How to future proof your business

The world ‘post-pandemic’ is going to look startlingly different and it goes without saying that businesses will need to adapt. It’s likely that the pandemic will have accelerated the digitalisation of business to the extent that organisations right across the board will have some kind of innovative technological solution in place. What’s more, efficiency is …

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Financial Planners

Why even financial planners need financial planners

You may find it surprising to learn that even financial planners use financial planners. Surely, they know it all already, don’t they? Don’t they just follow their own advice? Let’s look at why advisers sometimes find it helpful to sit on the opposite side of the desk. To clarify goals  Setting clear goals is hard, …

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Financial Market Commentary

Market Commentary June 2020

Introduction  For the second month in a row, we went back to the previous month’s Commentary before we wrote a word. How did we leave April in this rapidly changing world? With the Prime Minister having just come out of hospital and having become the father of a baby boy. With plenty of bad news …

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