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Financial Mistakes

5 Financial Mistakes That Are Costing You a Fortune If you’re anything like me, you’re often more focused on the bigger picture. I prefer to think about earning more, not spending less.   But there’s an opportunity cost to everything you spend.   Afterall, that’s money that could be making you more money.   And …

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Financial Awareness

Why it’s important to raise your financial awareness   In today’s changing world we now have time to reflect on our behaviours and start gaining financial awareness and understanding our actions.   Life is about choices, and our future lifestyle and security is about the choices we make today.   I would like to share …

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Ways to promote your wellbeing

The general uncertainty in these current times heightens our stress and anxiety. Usually, we like to feel in control and make plans for the future but it’s impossible to plan when there are so many unknowns.   We’ve never been in this situation before. We don’t know what the new ‘everyday’ will look like. And so …

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Fake News

How to spot fake news

Social media and online platforms are full of misinformation and fake news at the best of times so in the midst of a pandemic, the problem only escalates. Conspiracy theories, fake cures and scams abound – myths that 5G causes coronavirus, that COVID-19 is a biochemical weapon released by China, or that drinking bleach can …

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Financial Market

May Market Commentary

Introduction Right now, even a week seems a long time in the news agenda. Remembering the end of March, when we wrote our last Market Commentary, feels like looking back into a different era. Reflecting back, how did we leave March? With the US having overtaken China as the country with the most confirmed cases …

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2019 tax statement

Higher Rate Taxpayers, What Does the 2020 Budget Mean for Pension Contributions?

Why Higher Rate Taxpayers Should Be Paying Attention to Their Pension Contributions After the 2020 Budget   You may be missing out on paying money into your pension, as many of you can now pay more and receive tax benefits.   If you’re a higher rate taxpayer and you opted out of your pension scheme …

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