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February Market Commentary

February Market Commentary

Introduction The story of the US/China trade dispute was a thread running through much of last year. Some progress was made in resolving the dispute at December’s G20 summit and that appeared to continue in January with China saying it is ‘ready to work’ with the US. Donald Trump confirmed this, describing a telephone conversation …

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Your State Pensions

As a parent, could you be missing out on your state pension?

There’s no reason why being a parent, and particularly being a non-earning parent with commitments to their children, should put you at risk of decreasing your state pension entitlement. Currently, however, there are potentially hundreds of thousands of people in this exact position – although thankfully, there are steps to take so that it can …

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Annual Company Event

Insight welcome Jake Humphrey

Insight welcomed BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey at their annual company event. On Friday 18t​ h of January, The Insight Group hosted their annual ‘Vision Day’. The company use this as a chance to come together as a wider group and share with one another the direction of the company. Every year, staff from the …

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January Market Commentary

January Market Commentary

A quiet wind down to Christmas? Everyone leaving their offices early and not much happening in the second half of the month? Nothing could be further from the truth: December was one of the most eventful months of the year and while there was some good news, it was eclipsed by falling stock markets as …

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Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax – Could there be a better alternative?

Inheritance tax is enormously unpopular to say the least. A YouGov poll found that 59% of the public deemed it unfair, making it the least popular of Britain’s 11 major taxes. What’s more, the tax has a limited revenue raising ability, with the ‘well advised’ often using gifts, trusts, business property relief and agricultural relief …

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Pensions Cold Calling

Pensions Cold-Calling

The long-awaited ban on pensions cold-calling is finally coming into force. From January 9 2019, the cold-calling of savers about anything to do with their pensions will become illegal. The new law doesn’t just cover phone calls. Any unsolicited emails or text messages about your pension will also be illegal. As it stands, not every …

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