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The Autumn Budget

The Autumn Budget: Marks out of Ten…

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his second Budget speech of the year on Wednesday October 27th. It was, he declared at the start of the speech, “a Budget for a new age of optimism”. He sat down an hour later with Conservative backbenchers furiously waving their order papers as he promised “a …

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Budget Summary October 2021

Autumn Budget Summary 2021

On Wednesday, October 27th Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his Autumn Budget to the House of Commons. He announced new plans for the government tax and spending plans, where he focused on what a post-Covid Britain would look like. One of his main points was that we would see an economy of higher wages, higher skills and rising …

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Budget October 2021

Autumn Budget Overview 2021

Introduction The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, presented his first Budget of 2021 on Wednesday March 3rd. Now, a little under eight months later, he was back, rising to speak after Prime Minister’s Questions as he once again tried to chart the UK economy’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic – and find a way …

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North East

Is the North East the new London?

When Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak delivered his Budget speech in March much of the focus – inevitably – was on the economy’s recovery from the pandemic, and the cost of all the support measures.  But Sunak also announced a host of new initiatives including freeports and a new campus for the Treasury. One …

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Budget Summary 2021

March Budget Summary 2021

Setting out the government’s tax and spending plans for the year ahead, the Chancellor announced new measures to help business and jobs through the pandemic and to support the UK’s long-term economic recovery and a series of tax-raising plans to help rebalance the public finances. Here is a summary of the main points. Coronavirus support …

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Budget 2021

March Budget 2021 Detailed

Introduction It is interesting to look back 12 months to Rishi Sunak’s first Budget: it was followed by a year none of us could have predicted or imagined. The Conservatives had won a comfortable majority in the December 2019 General Election. As expected, Sajid Javid became Chancellor and, in January, announced that the Budget would …

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Summer Budget 2020

The Chancellor’s Summer Statement 2020

Introduction On 11th March this year – less than four months ago – the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, presented his first Budget following the Conservative victory in the December election. That Budget was, he declared, a “People’s Budget from a People’s Government.” It was certainly a Budget that was high on spending …

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Woman burning money

Financial Mistakes

5 Financial Mistakes That Are Costing You a Fortune If you’re anything like me, you’re often more focused on the bigger picture. I prefer to think about earning more, not spending less.   But there’s an opportunity cost to everything you spend.   Afterall, that’s money that could be making you more money.   And …

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Man standing under the stars

Financial Awareness

Why it’s important to raise your financial awareness   In today’s changing world we now have time to reflect on our behaviours and start gaining financial awareness and understanding our actions.   Life is about choices, and our future lifestyle and security is about the choices we make today.   I would like to share …

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