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Financial Mistakes

5 Financial Mistakes That Are Costing You a Fortune If you’re anything like me, you’re often more focused on the bigger picture. I prefer to think about earning more, not spending less.   But there’s an opportunity cost to everything you spend.   Afterall, that’s money that could be making you more money.   And …

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Financial Awareness

Why it’s important to raise your financial awareness   In today’s changing world we now have time to reflect on our behaviours and start gaining financial awareness and understanding our actions.   Life is about choices, and our future lifestyle and security is about the choices we make today.   I would like to share …

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Budget Summary March 2020

Introduction So was it the Coronavirus Budget, or the Infrastructure Budget? Or was it, as the Chancellor declared at the end of his speech, the ‘people’s Budget from a people’s government?’ It was certainly a Budget that was high on spending commitments and one that the Chancellor declared would ‘get things done.’ Now where have …

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