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The retirement mistruth

The retirement mistruth

If you pay much attention to the media and advertisers, you may think that retirement is all about riding jet skis, sipping sherry on the French riviera or cuddling grandchildren. No doubt you’ve seen one, if not all, of the images on many of the retirement articles out there. Though those sorts of activities are …

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Will your DB pension be protected in the wake of the British Steel debacle?

The treasury has made a promise that since the mismanagement of private pension transfers from the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will make an effort to “stamp out bad practice.” So what exactly happened, and what comes next? Members of the (Defined Benefit) BSPS were given the choice to transfer …

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Is it time to cut out the jargon from pensions?

People simply aren’t saving enough into their pension funds. Despite the relative success of the auto-enrolment rollout and the increase of minimum contributions from 5% to 8%, there’s still a culture of misunderstanding surrounding pensions. With a reported 51% of the public believing that the minimum contributions are in line with the recommended rate of …

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Wha is a partial transfer?

What is a partial transfer?

The contents of this article are for information purposes only and do not constitute individual advice. You may have a defined benefit pension and be aware of pension transfers but not have heard of partial transfers. A partial transfer is a pension option that allows you to transfer a portion of your retirement fund to …

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Pensions Cold Calling

Pensions Cold-Calling

The long-awaited ban on pensions cold-calling is finally coming into force. From January 9 2019, the cold-calling of savers about anything to do with their pensions will become illegal. The new law doesn’t just cover phone calls. Any unsolicited emails or text messages about your pension will also be illegal. As it stands, not every …

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