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Financial Awareness

Why it’s important to raise your financial awareness   In today’s changing world we now have time to reflect on our behaviours and start gaining financial awareness and understanding our actions.   Life is about choices, and our future lifestyle and security is about the choices we make today.   I would like to share …

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Financial Market

May Market Commentary

Introduction Right now, even a week seems a long time in the news agenda. Remembering the end of March, when we wrote our last Market Commentary, feels like looking back into a different era. Reflecting back, how did we leave March? With the US having overtaken China as the country with the most confirmed cases …

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Market Update March 2020

19th March 2020 We are sure you have been following the news about recent world events including Coronavirus and Oil and the impact this is having on the investment markets. With this in mind, we have asked two Discretionary Fund Managers, Newscape and Vestra, to comment on the situation and how it has affected their …

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Budget Summary March 2020

Introduction So was it the Coronavirus Budget, or the Infrastructure Budget? Or was it, as the Chancellor declared at the end of his speech, the ‘people’s Budget from a people’s government?’ It was certainly a Budget that was high on spending commitments and one that the Chancellor declared would ‘get things done.’ Now where have …

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