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May Market Commentary

Introduction Right now, even a week seems a long time in the news agenda. Remembering the end of March, when we wrote our last Market Commentary, feels like looking back into a different era. Reflecting back, how did we leave March? With the US having overtaken China as the country with the most confirmed cases …

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April Market Commentary 2020

April Market Commentary

Introduction In March, the coronavirus outbreak seemed to steal all the headlines, giving us almost hourly updates as it transformed our lives, and made the word ‘unprecedented’ feel like an understatement. Inevitably, there has been a serious impact on world stock markets, which have suffered their worst quarter since 1987. The figures that follow will …

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Market Update

Market Update – 26/03/2020

Read what Daniel Appleton, one of Insight’s directors and financial adviser, says about the current market conditions. 26th March 2020 During the last 4 weeks and in particular the last 2 weeks, markets have seen unprecedented levels of volatility, with every asset class coming under pressure. Equities have of course seen the greatest level of …

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March Market Commentary

March Market Commentary

Introduction Not the election of Donald Trump, not the US/China trade dispute. Not even Brexit. We cannot recall a single issue having so completely dominated a month’s news – or threatened to have such serious consequences – as the outbreak of Coronavirus in China. In February, the virus’ impact on the world stock markets was …

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Market Update March 2020

19th March 2020 We are sure you have been following the news about recent world events including Coronavirus and Oil and the impact this is having on the investment markets. With this in mind, we have asked two Discretionary Fund Managers, Newscape and Vestra, to comment on the situation and how it has affected their …

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February market commentary

February Market Commentary

China grabbed the headlines again in January, but this time not for trade. On 31st December, the Chinese authorities had notified the World Health Organisation of an outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. Today the country is in lockdown, the death toll is rising fast, the number of infected is rising faster.  The …

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January Market Commentary

January Market Commentary

The end of the decade saw the US/China trade dispute continue to make plenty of headlines. However with Donald Trump signing a long-awaited ‘phase one’ agreement on 15th January, it appears 2020 could see tensions ease. Trump is currently due to travel to China later in the year, where ‘phase two’ of the deal will …

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Financial Market

December Market Commentary

The beginning of November saw the World Trade Organisation authorise China to put $3.6bn (£2.8bn) of tariffs on US goods. The following week it was reported that a potential trade deal between the two countries could see tariffs ‘rolled back’. However by the middle of November Donald Trump was threatening to increase tariffs further still …

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November Market Commentary

November Market Commentary

The beginning of October brought us the Conservative Party conference and a plethora of promises and fiery speeches. Meanwhile world stock markets were tumbling on fears of a global sell-off and the US/Europe tariff war joining the US/China dispute. By the middle of the month President Trump declared himself ‘optimistic’ about trade talks with China.  …

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