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Financial Planning Myths

Financial planning: Myths and misconceptions

Many people understand what a professional, regulated financial advisor does and the benefits of speaking to one. But at the same time, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding financial planning, which often put people off getting advice themselves. We wanted to explore some of the most common myths we hear around this issue and …

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Financial Market Commentary October 2022

Market Commentary October 2022

Introduction Speaking to journalists at a lobby briefing in 1964 – when the sterling crisis was raging – Prime Minister Harold Wilson famously said “a week is a long time in politics”. What, then, is a month? Especially a month like September 2022 when enough happened to fill a year’s worth of Bulletins. In the …

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Autumn Mini Budget

The Autumn Mini Budget Overview 2022

*Please note that since this article was written the Higher Tax Rate cut has been cancelled and so is no longer relevant. Reactions to the speech where it was mentioned have been included. Introduction So what was it? A ‘fiscal event’? A Mini Budget? Or a full-blown Budget from a new Chancellor determined to take …

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