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Would you open a British ISA

Would you open a British ISA?

Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget was a rather unflashy affair, with no big headline-grabbing, rabbit-out-of-the-hat moment. This was a surprise when you consider that we’re in a general election year, but it does explain why the reaction to the entire fiscal event was rather muted and why the Budget hasn’t moved the dial politically. But there …

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Five habits for investors

5 habits that investors should adopt today

Experienced investors know that navigating the market takes time, discipline and plenty of strategic thinking. But what if you’re newly embarking on this journey and expecting quick results? Here are some essential habits that you should adopt straight away if you want to maximise your returns. Avoid short-term thinking It’s easy to react to bad …

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Asset Allocation

Why asset allocation matters to investors

Investing is an uncertain pursuit, as you have to carefully navigate an ever-changing financial climate. Perhaps the only certainty is that the value of your investments will go up as well as down, so it’s really important that you allocate your assets carefully to help you stay on course. So what key issues should you …

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Whats putting you off investing

What’s putting you off investing?

Investing can be a sensible and effective way of maximising your income and making sure your money is working hard for you. So why don’t more of us do it? Well, a new study by Lloyds Bank has found that fear is one big reason, as nearly half of those without investments are unwilling to …

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Looking at Investments

Take a long-term view of your investments

Investments go up as well as down. It’s one of the most basic principles of investing that we’re told early on in the process. So why do so many of us panic when conditions in the market are less than ideal? In a climate of high inflation, soaring energy prices, war in Europe and looming …

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Make the most of your investments

How to make the most of your investments

Investing is a good way to make your money work hard for you, so you can build wealth faster than you could if you put it in a savings account. But the value of your investments can go down as well as up and can expose you to a greater level of risk than leaving …

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Financial Planning Myths

Financial planning: Myths and misconceptions

Many people understand what a professional, regulated financial advisor does and the benefits of speaking to one. But at the same time, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding financial planning, which often put people off getting advice themselves. We wanted to explore some of the most common myths we hear around this issue and …

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